XM trading tool

Exclusive technical index

Avramis With more than 20 years of experience, Despotis customizes its own automated metrics for customers who subscribe to the company's VIP education package.

  • Professional algorithm technology analysis
  • Necessary "magic Tool" for precise investment decision

Automated analysis

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Ribbon indicators

  • Tracking mainstream trends
  • Identify areas of consolidation
  • Forecast inflection point
  • Know the best time to trade

Index of River,

  • Omnidirectional trend indicator
  • Understand market trends
  • Identify trend strength and direction
  • Understand market trends

Ichimoku equilibrium index

  • Identify support resistance levels
  • Identify strong market trends
  • Identify the trend's best entry opportunities
  • Learning how to tell where the market is going next

Bollinger Bands indicators

  • Learning how to trade in market volatility
  • Look for the entry point within the market price range
  • Identify the pole price position
  • Understand price trends

Average Trend Index (ADX) and Parabolic Turn Index (PSAR)

  • Identify consolidation market trends
  • Learn the best time to enter the trade
  • Timing the poles of the trend trigger

Analyser indicators

  • It only takes a few seconds to complete the analysis
  • Map market movements in real time
  • Quickly identify the best deals