One account trades forex, commodities, precious metals, energy and securities indices.
Access global markets anytime, anywhere via the XM MT5 trading platform.

Stock Details

The platform charges a minimum fee of 1 for all U.S. stocks, increasing the fee by 0.04 for each additional share.

The platform charges a minimum fee of 9 for all UK shares, with each additional order increasing the fee by 0.10%.

The platform charges a minimum fee of 5 for all German stocks, increasing the fee by 0.10% for each additional order.

On the third Friday of each month, the UK stock market will be closed from 12:10 to 12:16 GMT+2 (note that daylight saving time also applies).

Calendar dates are for reference only and may change at any time.

Dividend adjustments for stock commodities

Individual stocks will be affected by dividend adjustments.

When a company pays a dividend to its shareholders, it basically lowers the value of the company by paying out the dividend.

This is reflected in the ex-dividend date (that is, the date on which the company begins trading after deducting the value of the dividend), when the company's share price falls when the market opens to trade.

If the stock you own pays a dividend, you will receive the dividend after tax on the ex-dividend date.

Tax rates on dividends are as follows:

Germany: 25%

United Kingdom: 0% (i.e., dividends exempt)

The United States: 30%

Long positions will receive dividends according to the following formula:

Dividend adjustment = Dividend distributed X position size x (1 - tax rate)